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From the planning stage through the actual work, cleanup and final inspection, we want you be 100% satisfied with our work. We guarantee your satisfaction and to help ensure we meet our guarantee, every detail is carefully planned to meet your needs and vision.

We believe good communication is vital to positive customer experience. We understand and anticipate that you’ll most likely have many questions, and hope that the information on this page helps answer some of those questions. In addition to communication with our customers, its critical that we have a close working relationship with paint material providers to know and understand which product is right for your job. There are many different manufacturers on the market today, and we keep in close contact with just about all of them to know what is the best. Not all paint is created equally, and just because something worked well 10 years ago doesn’t mean its still the best today. We take great pride in our knowledge base of available materials and trends in the industry. Our customers are the beneficiary of our willingness not to be complacent. We encourage you to be curious about the products and processes that will be used throughout your project.


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