Choosing Correct Paint

Although we often think of paint as simply a product to add color to our walls and spaces, and it certainly can be as simple as that, from our viewpoint, there’s so much more to the story. And knowing that story is critical because in most cases, the majority of the cost to hire professional painting services is on the labor end and not the paint materials side of the equation.

So why does it matter to hire a company that knows the industry inside and out and can recommend the right products to use versus one that just colors a wall? Because using the correct materials adds considerable overall value to your project when you factor in that regardless of who you hire, you are paying someone to apply that paint, so you may as well put the right product on the first time and maximize your money spent on labor costs.
The right paint materials can:
    • Create a soft, warm environment
    • Amplify the perceived light in a given environment creating better work spaces
    • Hide imperfections in wall surfaces that may otherwise be accentuated
    • Be UV stable to resist color change and fading (primarily cabinet and trim finishes)
    • Be extremely durable to withstand tough conditions
    • Resist moisture and streaking better than others
    • Remain flexible to expand and contract versus chip/peel during seasonal changes (exterior paints)
    • Allow moisture to pass through them instead of that moisture causing peeling (exterior paints and stains)
    • Shed dirt and water making for easier clean-up
    • And, much, much more…
Choosing the right paint for the job instead of the least expensive product available (sometimes the less expensive choice does the job just fine, and when it does, we use them to lower project costs and increase value for our customers) translates to lower costs in the long run, added beauty and protection of the painted surfaces, and most importantly, much higher customer satisfaction.

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