Specialty Services

Some scenarios require more than convention to provide the desired results. Whether your concerns are durability or environmental, we can help. Here are some of the services we are able to provide to our clients:

Epoxy Floor Coating

For high traffic areas that demand durability and the ease of near effortless clean-up. Exceptionally tough with available beauty for concrete floors. Add texture to add traction, or include a high-gloss finish or clear topcoat for a showcase garage with function and style. Many options are available and can be applied in basements, laundry rooms, garages, etc.

Green & Eco-Friendly Paint Materials

Green paint products have moved from the shadows to center stage lately. The reasons are two-fold: First, they are better for our environment and health. Low or zero VOC/HAPS (volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants) paints and paint products release little to no hazardous chemicals during their curing process, making them less of a health hazard to both the occupants, and the persons applying them. Secondly, they’ve begun to gain traction due to technological advances on the manufacturing end. Quality of some of the green products far surpasses that of yesterday’s conventional coatings, and advancements in technology have allowed for this to happen economically. With durability of the paint coatings and soaring materials prices no longer of great concern, eco-friendly materials are worth looking into. Ask us about the various products available and how they can help get your project on the green path to success!

Graffiti Barriers

Graffiti can often be a concern for urban businesses. In most cases the municipality will mandate that it be removed within a specified amount of time, and worse yet it can negatively impact the image of the business. Previously painted surfaces can be touched-up, but these areas are often visible. Unfinished surfaces, such as decorative brick, will almost always have to be mechanically abraded to remove the graffiti, which can cause damage to the substrate. Through the use of various graffiti barrier systems, we can apply a clear coating that will not allow the graffiti to penetrate and stain these surfaces and allow for quick and easy removal that can be done in most cases by the building’s maintenance staff, saving the property owners the expense of repeat and continuous removal services.

Lead-Based Paint Abatement & Environmental Concerns

We’re licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health to treat building materials coated in lead-based paint. This is important because it shows that we have the educational background to perform the abatement in a lead-safe manner compliant with state and federal regulations, reducing potential exposure risk for you and your family. If your home was built prior to 1978 and you are considering renovating or painting, you should educate yourself about the risks associated with exposure to LBP particulates, especially if there are children or someone who is pregnant living in the home. Take a look at the EPA’s Renovate Right Pamphlet to learn more.
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